Company History

We are private farms with more than 100 alpacas. We have alpacas in all colors and this makes us one of the major suppliers of fiber in and around our area. We also sell droppings of alpacas for they are one good source that enriches the soil and enables and enhances the growth of plants. This is a natural compost for the soil and hence produces from such soils are never polluted with pesticides or fertilizers. Now though we say that alpacas are very easy to be brought up and that they need no special care or attention as a farm with more than 100 alpacas, it becomes a necessity for us to take into account few important points which we follow as our farm`s basic principles.
• We have taken a license emphasizing the point that all the alpacas on our farm are at the pink of their health and that they are not affected by any disease or infections. Now to keep this point a truth always, it becomes necessary for us to conduct check-ups every now and then with a vet.
• We always try to feed them the best food by giving them all that is grown naturally and we have made a plantation for this specifically wherein we do not spray pesticides instead use the droppings for the soil`s nourishment.
• We sell alpacas to people interested in taming them as their pets or for farm purposes and we also conduct regular checks and inspections to see if the owners are treating the alpacas right. Anything spotted wrong would become a legal problem.
The care that we give our alpacas is the success of our farm and it is also one reason for how and why we have more number of these domestic animals and also buyers for these from us.