Alpacas Like Your Pets

All we know as farm animals are the cows, different breeds of cattle, goats, cats, dogs, horse etc… Is anybody aware of this four-legged animal that is named Alpaca? For me, at least this was something new and different and this is a name that is not a very commonly taken one. These Alpacas are domestic animals that belong to the Llama family. Their looks and behaviors are very similar to the Llamas.

Facts about alpacas

• Alpacas are a not a very commonly seen domestic animal all around the world for they are natives of South America and mostly seen in Peru, Chie etc for they need a suitable climatic condition for their livelihood. They cannot stand extreme heat and hence are restricted only to a specific area or parts of the world.
• An adult alpaca is generally 3ft taller and a normal, well-grown alpaca weighs 50 t 80 kgs.
• An offspring is called the Cria which is 7 to 8 kilos at the time of birth and can be up to a maximum of 12 kgs. Anything below this is considered a premature one and needs extra care and attention until at least it gains the required kilos.
• Canada is believed to be having a population of around 14000 alpacas which is considered a very low number owing to the numbers they had a few years ago. This huge difference is also because of their delayed breeding times and the longer gestational periods. It is this feature or factor that makes them a very expensive option in the market.